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                            Guild Achievement Points 2665           Established Sept 2010

Grumpy Old Farts is a guild for people who desire an mature setting that is laid back, but yet is still friendly, fun and functional! We welcome ALL players whether they are a serious raider, PVPer, just into leveling, and even those who are new to World of Warcraft.. We do not tolerate in our guild rabble rousers, drama queens, trash talkers, and people who demean or deceive others.

Why choose us?
We are more than a guild with just a few perks. Through our raids we have unlocked achievements that allow our members to obtain the maximum rewards offered! Our guild achievement points speak for our guild's activity. We have unlocked epic mounts, All Heirloom armors and recipes that will allow you to advance quicker and to be more of an epic player. There are 8 tabs in our guild vault filled with mats & gear to assist you in leveling. Our guild is filled with experienced members throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, & the United Kingdom that have played WoW throughout all of its expansions

We are a guild that values its people and this site serves as out reach to the WoW community and to our members. We do offer our support whether it's in guild chat or vocally with Discord. Our website here has links and forums that offers personal insights and shared experiences. We have a weekly Newsletter and help guide for our members to bring them up to speed faster. Its all free when you join and register! Our goal is to get you self proficient where you can be epic on your own!   We want to offer you a community not a club. For an invite, you can send ingame mail to Itsmeme or ask someone who is already a member. We look forward to meeting you soon!  --> More about us


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Grumpy Old Farts of Eitrigg
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