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What is our guild like?

We are a social guild for all player types, whether you just level toons, play pvp or raid. We want to offer people a place where the atmosphere is comfortable and with no drama. We don’t cater to people who need constant personal attention or those who demonstrate childish behavior. 

Our Gchat is primarily use for help and we have the occasional gratz and witty humor that makes it way there. Most of our social interaction happens in Voce chat (Discord App) but our Gchat dose come alive now and then. We like to get to know people and we encourage positive interaction amongst our members. If our Gchat is quite, its because people are playing. Others might be sleeping.

We have a broad demographic of members from Veterans, CEOs, stay at home moms, contractor, people with disabilities, students and even some parents think we are safe enough for their kids. 
We do try to maintain a level of professionalism within our guild but keep in mind were all big kids that are playing a video game. 

Like all groups of people once we get to know someone we likely play pranks and have some fun with you. But rest assure it will be done with love. We try to have enough sillyness to keep thing from being boring.

To some us up, We are a guild for people who are old enough to know better but still young enough to do it anyway! 

We do have some serious PVPers in our guild and our desire is to attract more so we can have Battle ground team.

Grumpy Old Farts of Eitrigg
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