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We are currently useing Discord as our Guild App for Voice Communication.

We will be phasing Ventrilo out in the weeks to come.

PORT 9065             PW: (Ask for it)

Ventrillo is a free download at this link >Download Ventrillo<
Its a program that make it possible for multiple users to hear instructions and to communicate with each other. You need at least $25 USB headset to get this program to work. Some laptops have a built in mic and speaker that will work also. It can work on a wide varity of headsets, Speakers and microphones. Analog microphone and headsets don't work with Vent sometimes. You may get a hum or a buzz.
Make sure you Permit Ventilo through you Windows Firewall and Virus program.

Ventrilo Setup

1. Click on Ventrilo Icon to get Main Screen.

Make sure you have GoF's current Ventrilo info seen at the top of this screen.


3. Next click on Setup on the Main Screen.

A pop screen may appear just click ok and forget about it.

Click on the Voice Tab in the Setup screen (see below) Make sure if have all the boxes checked as illustrated above. Go to the Output device to the right side of the screen and select the drop down for the device you use for voice chat. EX. USB Headset, or you Laptop'a sound device Ex. Realtek output device
Do the same for the microphone. Ventrilo is setup to operate in Push to Talk by pressing the Ctrl key.. Click on the Left control key when you want to talk. You can reassign that key. Make sure it one that the game doesn’t use. You can also used the Test button to record your voice and to play it back in your headset.

If using a laptop then push to talk (PTT) is best. USB headsets are simpler to use and set up.

Uncheck Use Push to Talk if you want to enable VOX. (Voice enabled) You will have to experiment with the Silence time and the Sensitivity to get the desired operation you want. Silence is how fast you want it to engage when you talk. Sensitivity is how sensitive you want it to be toward you microphone when you talk. You can use the Amplifier section to increase or decrease the volume of your microphone or ear piece.

4. Now go back to the main screen and click Connect and you should get on to my account. You might have to close the program and restart it to load everything

It will be good to hear from you.

NOTE: If your still having problems with low Microphone volume. Make sure there is no mute button set. You may need to go into your Control Panel. Click on Sound. Then Recordings. Look for Properties then a Tab that says levels. You may need to adjust this up.

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