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This is a comprehensive guide to Grump-Old-Farts. Refer to as GoF. This guide covers Code of Conduct, Raid Conduct, Penilities & Ventrio conduct.

When ever you have a group of people trying to function as a cohesive unit, you must have a commonly accepted set of guidelines which all members adhere to. Without this simple and basic fundamental in place, the group cannot be successful. 
It is for these reasons that we have put the following rules in place. We enforce these rules for the betterment of our guild. We do not make rules for the sake of making rules. This is a game and, above all, it should be fun. At the same time, as leaders of this guild, we must set the ground rules so that all may have a good time. 
From this viewpoint, here are the rules: 

  1. Communication 
    1. Communication Styles  i) There is no place for cursing, crude, overtly sexual or demeaning communication in any respectable guild. We all slip up and curse occasionally, especially when we get angry and frustrated. However, when it becomes excessive, frequent, or really offensive in its nature, it is NOT acceptable. Improper etiquette only brings a negative and hostile atmosphere to the guild environment and should be avoided. Crude, overtly sexual or demeaning communication should never be seen in any guild or global chat, or heard on the guild's Vent server. This kind of communication is not necessary in order to play the game. This also makes you look immature and when shown publicly it makes the guild look bad. Keep the public communication rated PG. This rule still applies if you are in a group that has a member in it that is NOT a member of our guild. However, if you are in a group of guild members that you know well, PG-13 is acceptable. If you are in private chat and ONLY in private chat, among consenting adults, anything goes.  ii) We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism and discrimination. This type of behavior can go beyond the verbal and simply is never tolerated in our guild. 
    2. Suppressing Complaints  You need to respect the request of others if they ask you not to communicate in a manner that makes them uncomfortable. If someone asks you to not communicate in a certain way and you mock them, belittle them, or in any way make them feel like they cannot freely request that you abide by this rule, you may be subject to immediate review by the founders of this guild. 
    3. In-Game Communication  i) Trade chat is for strictly the buying and selling of goods, advertising your profession(s), etc. Under no circumstances are you to participate in or to 'troll' trade. If someone is asking for help, take it to whispers or ask them to join a group with you so you can talk with them further.  ii) We do not participate in world-chat banter. We keep a low profile on this server and like it this way. This includes things like local defense, general, looking for group, etc. If you are in some of these channels talking, it better be about where the horde are located, or advertising to fill your group!
  2. Foul Play 
    1. Programs Written to Give the Player Unfair Advantages  Including, but not limited to: 1,000,000 hit points, faster than epic mount run speeds on foot, 20,000 pt crits on every swing of any weapon, etc. These are deliberate and intentional violations of the rules of the game; and they wreck the game for all those involved. Not only are these grounds for bans from the game from Blizzard's end, but it reflects negatively on our guild and therefore, we never condone or tolerate the use of hacks/exploits. 
    2. Griefing  Seeking to harass other players for the purpose of causing them grief. This includes but isn't limited to: stalking, hurling insults, or exploiting unintended game mechanics in order to harass and make another’s game experience unpleasant. Griefing is a play-style that is considered to be morally incorrect and has no place in our guild. 
    3. Leeching  A leech is a person that attaches themselves to you, by joining your group raid, or BG team, and does nothing but suck up experience or honor. They do not contribute or contribute very little. This is most common in battlegrounds. It is very damaging to your side because that person is doing nothing and yet they are taking up one of the slots allowed on your side. This reflects very poorly on our guild and fellow guild-mates, and of course, isn't tolerated in our guild.
  3. General Game Play 
    1. Maturity / Unselfishness  We have an expected level of maturity for all members of the guild despite their age. No one likes playing with selfish players or cry-babies. By the same token, no one like playing with pompous jerks, pricks, or elitists. This is common sense for those seeking a fun gaming atmosphere. Identifying immature players is easy as they are often the loudest hecklers and sorest losers with childish behavior and responses. Members who exhibit immaturity will be warned. 
    2. Begging and Run-Throughs  i) Don’t ask people for loans. However, if someone offers you a loan and you accept it; make paying them back your number one priority until the loan is paid in full. The only exception to this is if they decide to forgive your debt, and you should never ask or even hint at asking them to do so.  ii) Run-throughs are where a higher-level member is asked to run a lower-level member through a low-level instance in order for the lower-level member to leech the experience and loot from the higher-level member’s kills. This is not a good practice for many reasons and here's a few:  - First, if you do not experience what it is like to repeatedly battle your way through the level-appropriate instances, you will not learn the role your class is supposed to play while in a group, instance, or raid.  - Second, as you get to the level cap, you will cause all kinds of problems because you simply don’t know how to play your class properly. The lower level instances are designed to teach you how play your class in an instance so that you will be ready for raiding. End-game raiding requires skills that have to be developed. The end-game instances that you will want to experience WILL require you to develop and master the skills acquired in lower-level instances in order to be successful. 
    3. Zero Drama Queens and Trouble Makers  What are Drama Queens and Trouble makers? They are all those who must have, and often thrive on, problems and conflict. They also create huge problems out of small issues. These people get involved in or create conflict between guild members and as a result cause big problems for a guild. You often find "this" player in approximately 90% of the guilds that have broken up or disbanded. They can turn any guild into a place where no one will want to chat, play, or be associated with and, as a result, the guild falls apart. Many studies have been made about MMORPG’s and statistics show that only about 1% of guilds ever make it past the one-year mark and Drama Queens or Trouble Makers are almost always in the mix, sowing seeds of discontent. This kind of activity will not be tolerated. 
    4. Betrayal  In every lasting, long-term or decent sized guild, you are bound to encounter a few traitors. These are the members who have an ulterior motive or purpose for joining the guild. They join the guild under false pretenses to learn how it works and how they can exploit it for personal gain, fully expecting and not caring that once they tip their hand, they will be kicked out. We have safeguards in place to limit the damage that these traitors can do to our guild, but there is not much you can do to stop them without infringing on the rights of the other guild members. So know this, if you betray the guild, we will kick you out and ban you with no exceptions. In addition, we will make public all of the details of your betrayal and we will do our best to warn others of your treachery.  We define Betrayal as taking advantage of our trust for your own gain. Examples of this would be joining a guild and pretending to be a good guild member in order to gain our trust. Then, when you have access to the guild bank, you load up your bags and leave the guild. Another example would be joining a guild with the intention of finding out who the higher skilled members are and recruiting them for another guild or try to get them to leave to help you form a new guild. 
      Note: If you wish to form your own guild, you are totally free to do so. You need to consider all members of our guild as completely off-limits for recruitment. If a member leaves our guild on their own and joins your guild, that is fine and their choice. Recruiting them, also known as poaching, is considered very foul play by all respectable guilds in the game and your disrespect will certainly be returned. 
    5. How To Move On  The proper way to leave any guild is to avoid talking about leaving the guild until you have had a chance to speak in private with the guild leader. Please arrange this with our guild leader ahead of time, and not when they are otherwise occupied. Once you have spoken with the guild leader and you have the guild leader’s blessing, you can say your good-byes to the guild and then promptly leave the guild. Don’t talk about leaving the guild with other guild members before you talk to the guild leader. Decide by yourself and if you are not sure about it, talk to your guild leader about your concerns. This is the least disruptive way to go, or alternatively, may resolve any issues causing you to want to leave the guild.  Why does this benefit you? If you do it this way, I, your guild leader, would be willing to vouch for you to the guild leader of any other guild you may wish to join in the future. It says a lot about you if the guild leader of your former guild will vouch for you even though you are no longer a member.
  4. The Rule Of Thumb 
    -- Having a problem? Try a Little Kindness! --  If you find yourself in a situation where no rule seems to apply, you should remember first and foremost that a little kindness and consideration of another’s feelings goes a long way. Take a deep breath and “Enhance your calm, John Spartan.” Be kind and considerate when trying to solve the situation. Yelling, screaming, and losing control of your temper will NOT solve the problem. Most of the time this kind of attitude will just make things worse AND it could result in other guild members (and non-guild members) deciding to not to quest, group, or PvP with you. Do you really want to be the owner of a lonely campfire? If the answer is yes, then you might want to reconsider being the member of a guild. Guilds are about teamwork, friendship and involvement with other players. Guilds are not about soloing.  If you do not seem to be able to resolve the situation or those involved are losing control of themselves, please get an officer involved as soon as possible. The officers are here so that they can remedy these situations. It is important that your guild leadership is informed and knows both sides of a situation so that they can resolve the problem before it gets out of control.



Raid Conduct & Etiquette 

Before moving on to our basic rules and guidelines we have for raid conduct and etiquette, first let's lie down our requirements that separate a casual member from what might a raiding member of our guild:

Guild requirements 

Average item level: 348+ (Gear from heroics and a combination of epics)  Cataclysm faction helm enchant  Therazane Exalted shoulder enchants  Blue quality gems for your raiding class and spec  Relevant enchants for your raiding class and spec  Knowledge of your class to maximize both DPS and/or healing  Ability to make attendance requirements  Keen awareness of surroundings  A stock of proper reagents, potions, food (for buff)/water, and highest level bandages.





DO NOT GET SAVED TO ANOTHER RAID INSTANCE. Raid dungeons are on weekly lock-outs. For example, if you go with a group and kill a raid boss on Tuesday night, you will be saved to that instance and will be locked out of guild raids of that instance. We need as many as possible available for our raids if we are to be successful. Participating in any pick up group (PUG) with people out of guild is not allowed unless otherwise declared by the guild master/officers. Using any of our raid IDs for a PUG or any outside guild run is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal. 
(Unless noted in our "Raid Week Of..." post!)


- Mist of Pandaria raids: SoO

 If you plan to raid and stay on the team don't pug untill after the raids have ended for that week.


1.  Sign up for runs ahead of time. Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis based on your rank, and there are only a few slots per class. If you are interested, sign up even if the run is full - substitutes, or standbys, will get credit for attendance. If you aren't sure that you can make it, sign up as 'Tentative' and make sure to specify in your note when you expect to be on. Be sure you respond to every night's raid sign-up as either Available, Tentative, or Unavailable. It is better to sign up, and need to change your sign-up than to not sign-up at all! Those who do not sign up in any fashion and show up to raids will be placed on standby and pulled into raid last.  

If you sign up for a run, SHOW UP. We understand that real life issues pop up from time to time, so if that happens try to let the raid leader know if you will not be able to make it so they can plan for a replacement. If you "No Show" too many times you may be automatically placed on the denied list for upcoming raids, meaning you are pulled into raid last.

-There is an EP penalty for signing up for raids and not showing up, leaving before the run time is up, or coming late without notice prior to raid. You also can be auto-placed on standby for the next raid. This penalty applies to any sign-up that did not sign up as Tentative or any person entering raid who hasn't informed the raid leader of their need to leave before run time is up or being late.  - Even if it is a real life situation, this EP penalty and stand-by placement will be invoked even though we understand. This is a fairness issue. Make sure if you know you can't attend you remove your signup and/or in-game mail the raid leader. If you do this 24 hours prior, no EP penalty will be given.  -The No-Show penalty is 500 EP. If you let the Raid Leader know that you cannot make the Raid less than 24 hours prior you will only incur a 25-point EP deduction instead of the full 500 EP.

Lastly, we have a deadline by which you need to sign up for our raids. This deadline is at midnight the night prior to raid. For instance, if you wanted to get your signups in for the next raid week (starting Tuesday), then all your signups need to be done by midnight on Monday night. Signing up past midnight will denote on our RapidRaid system a "late signup" and you will be considered at the same priority for any "tentatives"that had signed up on time and still made it to the raid. This is strictly because we look at our composition well in advance so we know what instances we can do for that raid night, what achievements are going to be possible, and what we will need extra of or have an excess of. (I.E. Sometimes we need more healers for a given night due to progression than dps - if we have a lot of late signups, it's hard for us to judge if we are going to have the proper raid composition ahead of time if our raiders do not sign up on time.) We like to let our raiders know ahead of time where we are going so everyone can be prepared! Knowing is half the battle!!

If for some reason you are placed on standby - be it from late signup to volunteering to sit - you need to be able to drop what you're doing and join our raid should we need you! You may be in vent, on an alt, whatever - as long as we can get a hold of you! Please do not get involved in another raid that you cannot leave. Failure to come into raid when called upon will resort to losing your EP earned for that night.

2. Be at the instance portal at the time the raid invites go out. Do not be flagged PVP. Generally, slots you signed up for will not be held after the start of invites. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start time, so at 5 minutes until raid start, that spot is forfeited. If something will stop you from being on at invite time but you will still be on before the raid, let the raid leader know. If you don't do this, don't complain about your spot being given away. Do not count on being able to receive a summon to the instance. You are responsible for being at the instance at raid invite/start.

  3.  Remember that our raids are not only about getting loot, but about helping the guild progress further in the game. Loot is nice, but don't let greed rule how you act. Eventually, everyone will get the nice gear. Gearing out all of our members is one of the guild goals. It just requires patience, teamwork, and a commitment to making the raid work. This sometimes means making a personal sacrifice for the group like sitting out for others. If you are asked to sit, please remember that we will try to get you in the next night. Attendance is tracked, and we will not ask you to sit (if you signed up available and were online for invites) more than one night in a row. We may occasionally ask for volunteers, but if you do not want to sit, please do not volunteer.

While on the topic of loot, let's cover bank policy on BOE's and your gems/enchants. Epic BOEs are Main-Spec only and if you are interested for an alt, please ask in Vent or raid chat.

You, as a raider, are required to be able to fund yourself with gems and enchants. However, the guild bank is here to assist you wherever possible with gems and enchants via donations from guildmates to the guild bank. However, we are not obligated to gem and enchant your character, or your offspec gear if you are not listed as a dual-spec raider. Once more, while the guild bank is here to help offset the cost of raiding and we will gladly help you enchant and gem your gear wherever possible, if we do not have what you need, we expect you to be optimally gemmed and enchanted for the content we're tackling. (We understand atm that some Maelstrom Crystal enchants may be harder to obtain atm on your own due to pricing, but green quality gems are not acceptable.)

  4. Follow the instructions of the raid leader. One person deviating from the chosen strategy can wipe the raid and ruin 3 hours worth of effort. DON'T ARGUE. If a raid leader assigns a specific job to you as a player, please be sure you UNDERSTAND your role before you respond to the Ready Check.

  5.  Be willing to play different roles to meet the needs of the raid. If you feel you are being asked to fill a role you feel you are unsuited for, let the raid leader know, but also let them know you are willing to try or what you would be better at. Lazy people don't progress, so don't try to "get out" of a role because you feel lazy.

  6. During a fight, keep chat to a minimum. It can be very hard to give and receive directions when raid chat is filled with chatter that could wait until after the encounter. Stay out of general chat during raids - EP penalties may be imposed. Please also keep guild chatter on the down-low during fights as well. We ask for roughly 3 hours a night - and we expect you to give your attention to the raid during that time.

  7.  Expect wipes. As we progress as a guild, we will face new battles for which we still need to learn the strategy. Part of this learning process is repeated attempts at the encounter, and often repeated deaths. These deaths are not failures so long as we are learning from the encounter. It's all part of the process, if you get frustrated easily or expect to be carried, this is not the guild for you. 

  8.   No Damage Meters are to be posted during the raid. Logs will be parsed and uploaded to the Logs section of our site. There are many jobs in a raid and some require damage ... others do not. Posting meters often detracts focus from our raiders.

  9.  No excessive AFK's. Excessive AFK's can result in being removed from the raid or EP penalties. We have scheduled BIO breaks during our raids. If you MUST AFK let the Raid Leader know and try to make it at an opportune time and put a healer on follow... Try to keep your AFK's as limited to our scheduled BIO breaks as possible. This INCLUDES getting your ready-checks. Do not tab out of the game or be distracted to where you cannot answer ready checks. Consistently missing ready-checks can incur EP penalties as this delays our pulls, thus, wasting all the raid members' time!

  9.  Mods are tools, tool being the opeYou need to be able to play your class well without the use of a single mod. Yes, this is scary. It is understood that mods help but it is also understood mods break, and often as a result of patches. "My mod is broken (or not working)," is never an excuse for sub-par game play. This said, you need to have the required raid mods whenever possible. Patches happen, but shouldn't be the cause of regression in raids.rative word.

10. You must be prepared with the necessary reagents for an entire night's worth of raiding. This includes flasks/elixirs, potions, any reagents for spells, stacks of food for food buff in case you miss the fish feast, and band-aids. ORA2 allows us to do item-check the inventory of our raiders, so we WILL know if you don't come prepared! Leaving the instance is not permitted to restock on any of these items, and not coming prepared can incur an EP penalty.


11. Strategy suggestions: While we appreciate all the input our knowledgeable raiders have, there's a time and place to make suggestions and in the middle of raid is not one of them. We have 3 hours alloted to raiding - we prefer not to waste our raiders' time by sitting around and discussing every suggestion brought to the table. Please post your suggestions in the proper forum section and include the boss name and difficulty in the topic title. Feel free to discuss these strategies with our raid leader(s).  While we may or may not use your suggestion, fresh eyes are extremely valuable and welcomed.

12. Mid-Raid complaints need to wait until after raid and taken up with the officers or Lördsoth after the raid. We are more than understanding, so use your resources and take the time to let us know how you feel. Do not go to other raid members with your complaints or negative feelings without at least coming to an officer about them first. This not only distracts you and the member you're talking to, but often times affects their attitude more than yours. Furthermore - if you have troubled emotions because of these complaints or negative feelings, do not let them splash into our raids. Everyone else checks their frustrations at the door, please be considerate enough to do the same. This is a game after all, relax and have fun.


You and Raiding With Other Characters Outside of Our Guild Here at GOF, we welcome and condone our members having multiple characters they play with, either on Eitrigg or elsewhere.However, under no circumstances are you to have another character raiding elsewhere, either on server or off, while you hold a raiding slot in Grumpy-Old-Farts. This is viewed as a huge conflict of interest, and is not only inconsiderate to us, but to the other guild(s) involved as well. We'd like to view this guild as your home, and as such, we prefer your main focus for raiding to be with us.


So occasionally people mess up in Raids. There are currently 3 possible raid punishments - but keep in mind we aren't here to be your parents. This is a game and designed to be fun, but we need our raiders ready and prepared if we expect to progress.


1.  Sitting - You can be sat out of raids for up to two weeks for serious raiding issues. These will always be accompanied with private meetings to discuss and try to resolve these issues. We will never call you out publicly regarding these issues.

2.  Zero PR - You can be placed on the Zero PR list for up to 3 raids. This zeros your PR for loot no matter what your real PR is. In other words you get no preference on loot for the amount of raids you are on the Zero PR list.

 3. Immediate expulsion from guild.  

These actions are for severe infractions or repeated offenses.



Common-Sense Etiquette That May Not Be So Common-Sense to New Raiders
These items are usually common sense that a well versed raider learns during the course of becoming experienced. What happens when you find yourself in a guild full of raid experienced people? Here are a few common sense pointers: 
Dying: Don't announce you were just killed. Odds are that the raid leaders are already aware of your death, even more so if you had a specific role/function to perform. 

Bring enough flasks to maintain one active the entire raid time. If you're dual spec'd and fill different roles - bring appropriate type of flasks to cover both. 
Fish Feasts: Fish feasts are usually dropped but you should keep a stack of your favorite (most advantageous) food buff in your bags, just in case. This is for those instances where you missed the fish feast or the buff didn't take. Missing the fish feast is no excuse for not having a food buff at boss pull!
Reagents: With 4.01, most reagents have gone the wayside, but if you are class that still needs reagents, make sure you have enough to last the full raid.

Bandages: Bring a stack and be able to use them.

Mana/Health Potions: (or the equivalent for the content) - You should keep potions on you for use.

Health Stones: A soul well should be dropped before each pull. Here's a handy macro that is usable for all ranks of Fel Healthstones.

#showtooltip Fel Healthstone  /use Fel Healthstone

AFKs (Away From Keyboard): You should keep these to a minimum. There is nothing more irritating to an experienced raider than to hear "I have to step away for a few minutes" about 7 times a night. We have scheduled bio breaks. If real life happens or you HAVE to step away - let a raid leader or officer know and pick a healer to follow. (Make sure you let that healer know). 

Listening/Reading Skills: Directions are often given verbally mid fight, and usually macros are used pre-pull to explain directions. Make sure you understand your role and the directions. (This is another one of those sensitive nerves for an experienced raider - when someone asks a question that was JUST answered.)

Boss Strategies: Usually we as a guild have a specific strategy to be used on a boss fight. It is inconsiderate to the other 24 members of the raid if you do not do your raid homework and come to the fight unprepared. While we understand that some people learn by doing, there's a difference between being unexperienced and clueless.

Vent: Your fellow raiders do not want to hear your deep breathing, nor guess what you are currently eating. Please be mindful and courteous in vent during raid.

Leaving the raid instance: Do not port out for an enchant or gem mid raid. The raid should not be slow to start because you got a shiny new purple. (HINT: if you think an upgrade is feasible or possible, you can always mail yourself your commonly used gems and enchants or bring them). No raider should be leaving the raid instance without an officer's permission. If you leave the raid instance for a gem/enchant etc- you may be replaced for the rest of the run. If you need to respec for a specific fight- clear this with an officer. We have a strict timeline- and this will be adhered to.

Leaving the raid group: Do not drop group unless you are told to do so. We use a few different mods for our loot system and for tracking. Sometimes if you drop raid early, it skews the hourly EP. We will disband the raid once everyone is out.

VENTRILO POLICY: GoFs Ventrilo Server & You
Our Guild Leaders and Members have been kind enough to pay out of pocket for a private ventrilo server for our guild’s enjoyment. While we generally allow our guild members to use this server at their leisure and allow close friends to come onto the server, we of course have a few guidelines that seem to be common sense that may or may not be common sense. Here, these guidelines and expectations will be clearly defined and outlined. All members are expected to be familiar with these - they should not be new to you.
In being a Swashbuckler or Maurauder (raider/pvp member) with No Quarter Given, you are required to have working ventrilo for vital communication.
General Usage: You may shoot the breeze on vent at any hour at any time. We pay to provide the server. USE IT! However, you, as a member, are responsible for whomever you’ve given our info to and their subsequent actions on vent. What does this mean? Say, JohnDoe invites a friend to use our vent server. Unbeknownst to JohnDoe, this friend says some really derogatory and racial comments to another guildmate on vent without Johndoe being present. Regardless of this guest being guilded or not and if the actions were against a guilded member or not, JohnDoe will be held responsible for this person’s actions while they were on OUR ventrilo server. We strive to keep a stress-free, drama-free environment. Vent is an environment where we’d like to keep relaxation at a maximum.
User Names and Phonetics. What do you mean?  Your display name must match your main’s name with the guild, unless you are otherwise notified by an officer or guild master of the guild. This makes it easier for us to identify you. (We have had problems with lurkers on vent, and when it becomes apparent, we do go through a password change.) This display name should not be offensive or harassing, either. There is also a way for ventrilo to read your name phonetically to those with alerts turned on. If you do so, this should also be non-disruptive, unoffensive, and shouldn’t be harassing. This may seem like common sense, but apparently, it isn’t. We don’t mind you having fun, but know the line, and do not cross it.
Friends you give our vent info to must also follow this User Name and Phonetic policy while using our vent server. No exceptions.
For more on General Conduct and Communication, please read our Code of Conduct!
During an Event: Occasionally we’ll have something going on. 5 Man runs, Raids, PvP, a Pow-Wow, or a guild meeting. During these, you’re expected to keep chatter to a minimum. Maybe not so much with the 5-mans, but a little respect and common courtesy is expected. Here’s a few bullet-points to keep in mind: -Don’t barge in the channel and immediately start talking. Usually someone is in a channel for a reason. Join in, wait for an opportune time to ask if it’s okay for you to be there. This is especially warranted for our Heroics and Arena channels, or casual talking channels. -Use the comments on vent. If you don’t want people joining your channel and you’re discussing something a tad private and vent is your only option, put up a vent comment.  -If someone is talking, please don’t interrupt. On that same note, please listen to them. Especially if it is in a dungeon or battleground/arena. Vital information and strategies are often conveyed, and your attention is often equally demanded as much as whether or not you’re standing in the fire! :) -Between pulls/queues. We don’t mind chatter. We don’t mind jokes. Keep the TMI (too-much-information) situations to a minimum, and know when to stop. Don’t derail the focus of the group with your banter. We’re all for having a great time, that’s why we’re here! -Push-To-Talk/Voice Activation: Your fellow raiders do not want to hear your deep breathing, nor guess what you are currently eating. Please be mindful and courteous in vent during raid. We try to be polite in addressing these issues, but sometimes we feel equally embarrassed telling you that we can hear you chomping on your dinner as you are when you learn this information!
Have an issue with our policy? Read here! Then, take the necessary course of action through an officer or guild master!
Things you should know about our vent server: As mentioned above, it is paid for and maintained by the guild. It is, indeed, this guild’s vent server. Our officers have basic admin privileges with the server, including kicking/banning users, kicking/banning IP addresses, etc., and the guild masters have total administration privileges over those officer accounts. If needed, we can and will investigate suspicious behavior of misuse of our ventrilo server and take any necessary action to make our ventrilo server an enjoyable place for all our guild members to use.

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