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re: Who is Girdin?


In case anyone was wondering who I am! "Picture was the best i could pull up lying around on my cpu... a little old but it shall do" "oh and the little blue guy was a project for my sister... its called Flat Stanley"



I am Girdin in game! In real life how ever my name is Blake and I am 25 years old!



A some what short Bio:

I Was born in Connecticut but raised in California "because of my father being in the Navy". I have one younger and older sisters as well as one younger brother.

I Began my "gaming career" back when i was maybe 8 or 9 years old with the Sega! Game of Choice was Primal rage. Over the years I played many different games on the Nintendo / Playstation / Xbox consoles but what I Truly loved was my PC! The first few games that were introduced to me thanks to my Father and uncle were Red Alert, Diablo, and soon after... Warcraft I and II. Once Warcraft 3 came out i was practically glues to the PC and loved most blizzard games. By about 2004 My family decided they didn't like California anymore and moved our Family to Maine... well once things calmed down I finally Discovered World of Warcraft. Wow became a very important thing to me since i was stuck in a very small town with very few friends.

My Very first Character was an Undead Mage on a PVP Server named Detheroc . He was fun to play once I got him to level 60 (cap at the time). I mostly enjoyed going to Red Ridge and hunting down the low level characters that were flagged. As time went on that got a bit boring so I Schemed to make an Alliance Character so I could learn the enemies ways and all the places they would go to level up. The server I picked to commit my espionage on was Eitrigg. Since the Alliance was the only one with Paladins i decided to make one and I named it Girdin (Girl Paladin). I very much enjoyed leveling up and even made a few friends... soon I even joined a guild and by then I completely forgot about my masterful plans of spying.

Some time in 2007 things became very odd with my parents and they ended up getting a divorce thus splitting my family apart. I decided to go with my father as did my younger brother and Sister back to California while my older sister remained with my mother in Maine. I remained in California until I was able to finish High school.

During my time back In California I enjoyed the release of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. These two Expansions were the best time I had playing World of Warcraft because of the Raiding content I was able to experience with the guilds I was apart of. I was very dedicated during Wrath to finishing Ice Crown due to my love for Warcraft 3 and its story line.

By the time Cataclysm was in full swing I was just finishing High school. Once i was done with High school I took a few months of a breather to figure out what was next with my life. I decided that I didn't want to go to College and stack up student loans for four years. So with much encouragement from my father I joined the Navy.

From June 2011 - August I went through Basic Military training up in Great Lakes Illinois. Once I was done there I was Shipped off to Groton Connecticut where I started my Schooling to work on navigation electronic equipment aboard Submarines. By May 2012 I finally got my Orders to report to the USS Columbus Stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

From May 2012 - June 2016 I was aboard the USS Columbus. During that sea tour we went on two Eastern Pacific Deployments, two Western Pacific Deployments, and one Southcom that involved transiting the Panama Canal twice. It was a Very unique and rewarding experience serving on a Submarine and looking back I wouldnt do it any other way.

My only regrets were perhaps not being able to be with family and keep up enough with games during that time. While I was busy doing navy things two more Expansions came out for WoW but I had absolutely no experience with Mists of Pandaria and only raided during the first tier of Warlords.

Now a days however I am still in the Navy just on my first shore duty stationed in Groton Connecticut and I couldn't be more happier with all the free time I have now and this Great guild I have joined! 

I am still debating if I will reenlist for another 3 years or continue on to a civilian life but what ever I pick I look forward to what ever the future holds.


If you managed to read through that... Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn more about me! Any time you need a Tank im always happy to assist!



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re: Who is Girdin?


Wow Blake!!  I am impressed with you. Your so young and you have seen and did things that people like myself only get to see in the movies. You seem really mature and have a good head on your shoulders. I hope you stay in the Navy because our country is stronger with people like you in there. I think you have a lot of potential for success and hope you find a special woman to share it with. 

We all thank you for your service to our country and we thank you for choosing our guild. :)


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re: Who is Girdin?


Wow!  You have been busy!  Thank you for sharing all of that!  Some of you may or may not know, Girdin and I first met way back in 2006.  I now wonder if he was spying on me.... :)  This game is so crazy how it brings people together!  He was just a teenager back then and now to see him all grown up and successful just makes me feel like a proud mom!  I took a break from WoW in early 2009 and we didn't come back until MoP.  During that time, my account was stolen, so when I came back, I had to start over with a new account, and needless to say lost my friends list.  So a month or so back I was chilling in my class hall and just happened to glance down at trade chat and see Girdin.  I said to Free I know that guy!  We talked for a bit, he tanked some dungeons for me, and now he is tanking for our guild:)  And this is why I love this game!  You meet real people and make real connections, and even if you don't talk for awhile, you can pick back up where you left off.  Thanks so much for joining our guild, you have been a huge addition in the short time since you've joined.  Now you need to talk your brother into coming over:)  Then you guys can tank together like you wanted (and Warrion can DPS like he wants:))


And Thank You for your service to our country!!  God bless!!

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